We stock HUNDREDS of products, all in the latest styles and colors. Most of our Laminates, Hardwoods and Tile can be installed within a week. Carpet can often times be installed within 48 hours. (Your Fabuless Project Manager will give you an exact time frame for your project prior to the job commencing). All work shall be performed by our licensed, experienced, bonded and insured personnel. We are fast, friendly and ready to accommodate your needs and the needs of your family. Click the FREE QUOTE button and get started TODAY!

A Fabuless Floors professional installation ensures your room will come out looking flawless. When you have put time, energy and money into choosing the right type, design and color flooring for you and your family, you want to make the final installed result look great. Only a qualified, experienced professional will know the "ins and outs" of your room... including important aspects such as potential moisture issues, irregularities in the sub-floor, or if anything else would be a potential problem when installing your chosen floor. Fabuless Floors, Inc. has the knowledge, experience and expertise to resolve any issue that may arise! 

The expert at Fabuless Floors will also offer his or her expertise on the layout for the room to guarantee an even installation that looks exactly as you dreamed of when it is complete. They will correctly measure the room to make sure you buy enough product. If it is a product such as tile, they will suggest you keep an extra carton "on hand" so if any repairs are ever needed there won’t be a problem finding the correct coloration or pattern. We will also utilize the correct tools and materials so that nothing goes wrong in the weeks, months and years to come after the installation is complete. We will complete your project quickly, so that you can get back to living and enjoying your home. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing your Fabuless Floors professional installation was a great choice that ensures the quality and perfection of the job.


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