We make it easy! We make it FUN!  We bring samples to you!

No need to spend weeks or months traveling around to showrooms. We will provide you with all of the options of the showroom and hundreds of alternatives that the typical “cookie cutter” flooring companies will simply not have. We will educate you as to what is the best product and application for you, your lifestyle and your home... not what is best for us! We also provide crucial “in house” project management services.  In the end, we will provide you with a fabulous floor for less!


The Fabuless Promise:

At Fabuless Floors, we promise everything you buy from us will be as promised, on time and will either meet or exceed your expectations. We view our relationship with you more as a client than a customer. Everyone you work with at Fabuless Floors will be professional, courteous, respectful and pleasant. If they are not, my direct number is (619) 735-2798.

It can get pretty "rough and tumble" out there in the real world. Our goal is that for you, dealing with Fabuless Floors should be like coming upon an oasis in the desert of numerous flooring companies and options. Ideally, any interaction you have with us should be one of the highlights of your day... a "Fabuless experience" for lack of a better term.  We understand that these are lofty aspirations, but they are indeed our objectives in how we endeavor to do business and take care of our clients. 

After every purchase and installation you will receive a personal call or visit from me asking: "Was your flooring experience perfect?" If you are unhappy about anything whatsoever, all I ask is that you let us know. We will do our best to address your concerns before, during and after your professional installation.  If we are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, a credit will be issued in compensation for any delay, inconvenience and/or time in which you have been affected. If you are not 100% happy, we have not done our job. 

We appreciate your business!



Founder and CEO

PS: Click the EASY BUTTON and I promise we can deliver the flooring of your dreams!


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