We've chosen only the finest hardwoods from the most reputable manufacturers. Oak, Maple, Birch, Walnut, Acacia, Cumaru, Bamboo... You name it,  we have it - FOR LESS! We buy directly from manufacturers and pass these savings on to you! Whether you prefer a "floated" floor or a "glue down" application we are happy to educate you on the ever increasing options, styles, applications and possibilities. Give us a call - You'll be so glad you did!

Lighter HardWoods

Darker Hardwoods

No need to spend weeks or months traveling around to showrooms. We will provide you with all of the hardwood flooring options of the showroom and hundreds of alternatives that the typical BIG “cookie cutter” flooring companies will simply not have. We will educate you as to what is the best hardwood product and application for you, your lifestyle and your home... not what is best for us! We also provide crucial “in house” project management services.  In the end, we will provide you with a fabulous quality hardwood floor for less!

Now that's FABULESS!

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