Q: Can you put Laminate on stairs?

A: Technically, yes you can. Remember, laminate is designed to be a floating floor. Stairs should always have a firm, solid feel with no trip hazard. Often times Laminate will also require a "lip" (overlap nose) instead of a smooth/flush mount stair-nose that can also be a slip hazard... especially for children and elderly adults. ALWAYS have a professional install stairs.


Q: How long will my job take?

A: That will depend upon several factors. Which material is being installed, application of this material (glue or float) and if the home is furnished or vacant. Our representative can give you a very accurate time-frame for your project at the time of your appointment. Hit the EASY BUTTON now and we will take care of everything!


Q: Are all Hardwoods the same?

A: All Hardwoods are NOT created equal by no stretch of the imagination. Type of material, wear layer, Janka rating, plank layers, Polyurethane and Aluminum Oxide coatings all play an important part in your investment of Hardwood Flooring. Your Fabuless Floors representative can assist you with all of these points and direct you toward the best possible product within your budget!


Q: Is Hardwood expensive?

A: There are many economical high quality products out there. Will Hardwood be more expensive than carpet or laminate?  YES, absolutely. Does Hardwood add value back into the home?  YES.  So, while the initial investment is higher, hardwood will end up being less "expensive" because it will offer a "return" to the homeowner that carpet cannot. 

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